Jay-Von - What Happened To That Boy (Freestyle)

If you’ve frequented this site often enough, then you’re familiar with Jay-Von. And, by extension, you’re familiar with the Mo. City rapper’s recent tear of “Friday Night Freestyles” on which he not only revives classic hip-hop instrumentals – with a little help from DJ Mosama and Relli – but also stretches and flexes his lyrical muscles.

But Jay-Von is switching things up again. Much in the way he opted to tackle Erykah Badu’s “On & On” a few weeks ago, Vonzilla has chosen to release his weekly freestyle ahead of schedule this week since today marks his birthday.

The release date may be different, but the calculated approach remains. It was Relli who suggested Vonzilla’s birthday freestyle be over the modern-day classic that is Baby Birdman and The Clipse’s “What Happened to That Boy.” DJ Mosama puts his own touch on The Neptunes’ unmistakable beat and Jay-Von’s delivery is biting and harsh (“I could give a f*ck about a rap nigga!” he barks), critiquing emcees who compromise their integrity and tailoring his flow to the beat accordingly. There’s no “Birdcall” ad-libs on the track, but who needs them when Jay-Von’s talking that cash sh*t?

Jay-Von’s Fuck a Title EP is still under construction.