Finding Nemo exists in nearly everyone’s PIXAR movie top 5, if not your Top 5 Disney movies of all time. It’s just not a discussion – it may not be your number one, but it’s up there. The touching story of two very different fish bonding and going on a journey to find the other’s missing son was hilarious, memorable, and touched at the heartstrings.

But over the last few years, it’s been rumored and teased that PIXAR had plans to return to the world of Finding Nemo by revisiting the amnesia-prone bluefish Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres). Those rumors, were found to be true today when Ellen premiered the official debut trailer for Finding Dory.

It turns out forgetfulness isn’t Dory’s only bad habit – apparently, she sleep-swims, too. Set some time (but not too long after) the original Finding Nemo, Nemo and Marlin now live “across the street” from Dory; and the two wake up to find Dory sleep-swimming and embarking on a journey that only she knows about. The running joke that Dory will “remember” something only to forget it mid-recollection is back; and though they’re not present in this “first look” trailer, you can almost certainly expect appearances from Nemo favorites like Crush and the surfer turtles and Bruce the Shark.

Finding Dory takes over theaters next June.