The Best Of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015 Day One [@saybreaaa @funfunfunfest]


Fun Fun Fun Fest is an Austin staple, almost like the little brother to March’s SXSW and October’s ACL Festival. Little brother turned 10 this year and Fun Fun Fun Fest pulled out all the stops to have one hell of a birthday party. In my years of attending Fun Fun Fun Fest, I’ve seen nothing but exceptional line-ups including a variety of styles and genres of music. There were pre-Fun Fun Fun Fest parties leading up to the days of the festival and the line-up was absolutely perfect despite D’Angelo having to cancel. As if the icing wasn’t already on the cake, Lauryn Hill replacing D’Angelo was like adding sprinkles made of gold to that FFF cake. Other headliners including Schoolboy Q, Chromeo, Jane’s Addiction, Rae Sremmurd, and Grimes only added to making this celebration one to remember. Plus, you’re grateful when you get invited to a massive birthday party.


Friday started off quite cold with some rain clouds hanging out in the sky, but thankfully there were only a few sprinkles here and there. The line-up for day one included performances from Chicago rapper Kembe X, Atlanta-based collective Two-9, a Colombian band called Bomba Estereo (inserts dancing woman emoji), The Dwarves (who are absolutely insane … in a great way), Slow Magic, Toro y Moi, Hudson Mohawke, and headliners Rae Sremmurd & Schoolboy Q. Other headliners on the other stages included everyone’s all time favorite progressive post-hardcore visionaries Coheed and Cambria, as well as the Glaswegian trio CHVRCHES. Sounds pretty fun, right?

I managed to capture most of these artist’s performances and couldn’t be more happy with not only the images, but the performances. I had never seen Kembe X perform, nor Bomba Estereo, The Dwarves, Slow Magic, or Toro y Moi. Kembe X, being first to perform on the blue stage, despite being first still had a great performance. The crowd was engaged and he makes music that’s relatable to his fans. You could just feel the vibe of the crowd’s enjoyment during his set, which is something I really personally love to see/feel when seeing an artist live.



Before Bomba Estereo stepped on stage, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect because I had never seen a Colombian band before. I didn’t know if it would be crazy EDM style music, or some alternative rock type or what. The only Colombian artist I even knew of prior to this was Kali Uchis and my thoughts were, “Well, Kali Uchis is Colombian and she’s amazing so if these people are from Colombia I would expect them to be amazing.” I’ll admit there isn’t really logic in that thought…just more so me loving Kali Uchis and the fact that she’s Colombian. That being said though, Bomba Estereo was surprisingly really tight. The lead singer, a beautiful girl by the name of Liliana Saumet, was so energetic! The performance was like one big party happening on stage. I suppose this would explain the name of the band, Bomba Estereo, translating into stereo bomb, meaning this band is like one big giant bomb of energetic music blasting through your speakers.



The Dwarves … oh The Dwarves. I’ve got to hand it to these guys for being the most eclectic and the most interesting. The performance was definitely on some hardcore rock type vibe, but the guitarist in his rather skimpy piece of underwear is simply unforgettable. Seeing The Dwarves is something that’s best understood if you’re there seeing them live versus reading about their performance due to all of the craziness. But nonetheless, this performance was a lot of fun to see and shoot for the first time. I highly recommend trying to see them if they come to your city!



Despite having never seen Slow Magic, but had seen videos of his performance, I was very excited to shoot this set. The music was more on the EDM scale, but what made Slow Magic different from other EDM performances, he included live instrumentation, not just turntables or your typical EDM DJ equipment. Also, the mask he wears, something like a multi-colored mask of a wolf or some type of animal, makes his performance unique to him in reference to, “Oh, there is that mask. That’s Slow Magic.”




As for Toro y Moi, I have literally been waiting years to see this man and his band perform. Every time he’s had a show it get’s sold out before I can get my ticket…it’s actually super depressing. But not this time! I finally saw Toro y Moi AND got to photograph the performance, so for me this was one of the highlights of my FFF experience. It was just as beautiful as I imagined!




Lastly, the headliners that I managed to see were Rae Sremmurd and Schoolboy Q. Both artists I’ve seen a number of times, and it’s always great reconnecting with TDE to shoot their artists. I started out shooting Q and almost 4 years later, I am still attending his shows to capture his performances. And they’re always better than the time before! Q stated he had a cold that had been bothering him, but despite him being a little under the weather, he still gave that charismatic yet wild performance that I always can expect from him. All in all, day one was a huge success and I left the festival feeling excited for what day 2 would bring! Check out the images below of Q’s performance!









Stay tuned for more FFFF recaps. Say Brea is a freelance journalist and photographer. Follow her on Twitter.