The Best Of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015, Day Two [@saybreaaa @funfunfunfest]


We all know that golden rule of safety first, and with the weather South Texas has been experiencing, this rule went into affect on day 2. Fun Fun Fun Fest took precaution to the weather holding gates from opening about half an hour to an hour, but once again fortunately after gates opened we only experienced a few sprinkles here and there during the festival. Artists on the line-up for day 2 included Wu-Tang’s GZA with a solo set focused on The Science of Hip Hop, Joey Bada$$, Ty Segall’s band “Fuzz”, Neon Indian, Grimes, the legendary collective Wu-Tang Clan and many many more. Due to the weather and concern for my camera equipment, I got out to the festival a little late, but still managed to shoot everything I wanted to shoot and see some performances I had never seen before just as I did on day 1.


The first performance I covered on day 2 was Joey Bada$$. There’s something about Joey’s stage presence that makes his performances very relaxed, yet the crowd will scream lyrics with him, bob their heads very cool-like, hands in the air, and they’re engaged. The crowd was doing whatever Joey wanted them to do. If he said, “Alright everybody put 2 hands in the air!”, up hands would go. If he said, “Alright this next song I want all of y’all to say this when I say that.” Whatever it may be, the crowd would go back and forth with him. Even performing in the middle of the day, I think Joey had one of the biggest crowds at the time of his performance. It’s always a breath of fresh air seeing Joey perform, and seeing his stage presence get better and better is quite intriguing.





And then there was Fuzz, Ty Segall’s garage punk/psychedelic rock band. Ty Segall is best known for his solo career when he released eight studio albums. He now is a member of multiple bands, one of those bands being Fuzz. Fuzz performed this year at Fun Fun Fun Fest and I must say, the mask this man decided to wear was so ugly that it was cute. The mask was somewhat of…well, an angry baby head to be quite frank. He showed a lot of love to this mask, letting it hang from his mic and rest on his shoulder as if the two were a match made in heaven. Overall, though, Fuzz was interesting. It was crazy, yes, but it was interesting. All of the band members had some sort of weird face paint or make-up on, and Ty Segall on the drums with his mask made their presence all come together. As for the performance, garage punk/psychedelic rock sums it up. I heard a lot of different sounds and a lot of head banging.




Time to talk a little bit about where I’m from, which just so happens to be where Neon Indian is from … good ‘ol Denton, TX. Although the lead singer Alan Palomo was born in Mexico, this band is straight out of Denton, the hipster town just 45 minutes north of Dallas. Neon Indian brought that chill wave sound to the blue stage and the crowd they pulled was incredibly massive! Playing single after single, the crowd dancing and grooving to the music, the band really saved the best for last by ending the set with their hit, “Deadbeat Summer”. “Deadbeat Summer” is very nostalgic for me and reminds me of the feel of a summer in Denton. The song never gets old either. Without a doubt one of my favorite day two performances.





Up next was the beautiful (and Canadian!) Grimes. Due to Grimes being a headliner, I wasn’t able to shoot in the photo pit, but I’m very small and I can weasel my way through a crowd to get where I need to be for my shots. As I got to the front of crowd with just one girl in front of me up against the gate of front row, I overheard this same girl talking about how Grimes is “dumb” and Grimes is “this” and “that”. In this girl’s defense, let’s just say she was somewhat obliterated and just wanted to see the next act, Wu-Tang, but the whole time I was just thinking, “This incredible performance, with a stage setup that takes you to another world, is happening right in front of this girl and she is just hating on all of it. How could anyone not enjoy this?!” Grimes is on stage with a medical boot on her foot/leg jumping around, performing like a mad woman (saying that in the best way possible), giving 100000% in this performance despite her injury, and the performance is A1! Ignorance at it’s best my friends. Grimes killed that performance. No ifs, ands, or buts!




To close the night out, the legendary Wu-Tang Clan stepped on stage and everybody lost their minds. I know that there are the real Wu-Tang fans, you know…the ones that actually listened to 36 Chambers and the ones that know more songs than just their classic jam “C.R.E.A.M.”. And then there are the Wu-Tang fans that became fans after Drake’s album Nothing Was The Same released featuring the track titled “Wu-Tang Forever”. These are the fans that wear the crop top Wu-Tang shirts that are only there in the crowd just waiting to hear that “Cash rules everything around me CREAM! Get the money! Dolla dolla bill yaaaalllllll!” But hey, fans are fans. They all have that one thing in common, and that’s that they all wanted to see Wu-Tang live whether it be because they really have been fans since day 1, or because they heard their favorite rapper Drake make a song with Wu-Tang in the title. Nonetheless, the performance was everything the crowd wanted based on their reactions and I had a wonderful time seeing the collective! Still, RIP Ol’ Dirty Bastard.





Stay tuned for more FFFF recaps. Say Brea is a freelance journalist and photographer. Follow her on Twitter.