Day three. Fun Fun Fun Fest. Fatigue? Nope. Beautiful weather? Yes. They really did save the best for last this year. The line-up for day 3 consisted of some of the best acts out of the line-up as a whole, including Keeper, The Outfit, TX, Power Trip, Lido, Afrika Bombaataa, Doomtree, Big Freedia, MSTRKRFT, Chromeo, and the woman herself, Ms. Lauryn Hill.


I started the day with Keeper, a female trio of Austinites. I had never seen or heard of Keeper but I’m a music lover and decided I’d go check them out. The verdict? These 3 girls are not only beautiful, but they seriously have a great sound. They incorporate these unique synths with a hint of soul and trip hop style beats and add their harmonic vocals to make what they describe as “synth soul.” Their harmonizing really just takes you into their music and it’s almost as if you are just a big music note floating around. To say the least the performance was smooth and a very nice start for the day.




Next up was The Outfit, TX, native sons, country rap tune understudies and arguably the best rap group going in Texas right now. If you’re from the South like I am, you can’t help but love these dudes. They’ve been making noise in the South for a minute, and to see them on a festival line-up such as FFF, is beautiful. I feel like a lot of Southern artists don’t get the attention they deserve, so I have to congratulate The Outfit, TX for getting this set. And they did great! The crowd loved them before they even got on stage! The Outfit, TX gave everyone free food before the performance, who doesn’t love free food?! They also gave their audience some CDs after the performance. Let me tell you, this was one happy crowd.





Power Trip. once again I’m seeing someone I’ve never seen before, but I have heard them. I feel like their music can be described as thrashing, hardcore-head-banging-hair-flipping, crowd surfing, screaming inaudible lyrics style rock…if that makes sense. At one point, one fan was being held above the crowd while the lead singer reached the microphone out towards their mouth and had them scream the song lyrics into the mic. What an experience that would be if that was you and your favorite artist!




After the craziness of Power Trip, I had to feel a new vibe. One of my friends had seen Lido previously, and text me about 2 hours before his performance saying, “If you don’t have an agenda, you should go see Lido today. He’s crazy talented and does really intricate live shows.” This sounded good to me so I went over to catch this set. And my friend wasn’t lying! This dude Lido, coming all the way from Norway, put on one of the best EDM/live instrument sets I’d ever seen. Yes, Slow Magic was really good, but Lido was just something else. He took the best songs and made them into his own, even announcing to the crowd that he saves all these great songs for festivals since he can’t exactly release them online or “people get mad at him and he gets in trouble.” If only these hidden gems were released!




After Lido finished on the blue stage, the next few acts would be for the people who want to dance, twerk and be as wild as they want for the last day of this festival. There was Afrika Bombaataa, Doomtree, and Big Freedia. NON STOP DANCING. The crowd got a taste of that original hip hop, some old school style hip hop, and giant dose of New Orleans bass/bounce music from Big Freedia and her team. This was the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen Big Freedia, one of the first times being at FFF, and her growth is incredible. She really is keeping the culture of New Orleans bass music alive and spreading that culture everywhere she goes.














I saw a few more acts and finally it was time for the moment I had been waiting for. Ms. Lauryn Hill. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to shoot her performance, but the performance was just how I expected it to be! Performing songs new and old, it this being such a rare performance, you can almost the feeling of “this is a once in a lifetime experience.” Closing out her performance, going longer than expected, she gave the crowd that famous and most popular single off of her debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” Doo Wop (That Thing). Like I said in the beginning, Lauryn Hill closing out this festival was like little gold sprinkles added to the icing on top of the FFF cake. What a weekend it was! Check out the photos below of Lauryn Hill taken by Dave Mead. For more photos check out his IG! @dave.mead

lauren hill_DM-3808

lauren hill_DM-3861

lauren hill_DM-3865

lauren hill_DM-3880

Say Brea is a freelance journalist and photographer. Follow her on Twitter.