Though she raps over an absolute ton of low-fi beats, Amber London remains in a haze on her latest project, Life II Death. None of it is erratic or impulsive but her rapping style here so in pocket, so pointed that for a while, things seem to run together. After bonding with the Raider Klan and having her first official SXSW set of shows earlier this year, the 90s baby returns to what brought her here. Backed by atmospheric drums and stretched out snares, Life II Death features 16 tracks and London stuck to a hum-like groove. The theme of Life II Death feels like escape, of letting the past go while riffing on a ton of personal situations and moments. London still rides with the bravado of a Mafia enforcer only known in code, but as she told NPR earlier this year, she kind of enjoys being the theme music to angry or moments where you need to lash out.

I run with an all-girl posse. So it’s like, it’s me and my girls. And, like, we like to smoke and stuff. And we want to hear some gangsta stuff, you know what I’m saying? Sometimes we just want to hear some real gangsta stuff and sometimes I feel like the men are not really doing it, I mean. They are but they kind of getting more feminine to me so I feel like, well, if y’all not going to do it, then I’m going to make a mean song or a hard song. So when you feel like you want to smoke and do a drive-by — you never know. You might have to do a drive-by.

Though Spaceghostpurrp only appears on one track (“Addicts”), Life II Death features a number of up and comers tasked with the simple idea of keeping Amber London satisfied and her funk is swampy, moody production for her to be the most intimidating thing available. Stream Amber London’s new Life II Death mixtape curated by Gianni Lee below.