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Gary, Indiana, is a musical treasure in the United States. It’s birthed some of the finest talents – Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and current emcee with an axe to grind Freddie Gibbs amongst them.

G-Scott is daring to be the next notable name from Gary.

It was Channing Beumer – EIC of the former and sneakerhead aficionada/founder of “Chicks’N’Kicks” – who first put me on to G-Scott by way of his debut tape, Scott Bailey vs. The World, back in 2011. In the time since, the man born Gerald Bailey has tinkered with his sound, drawing inspiration from Kid Cudi in some ways, J. Cole in others as a rapper-that-produces-too, and yet maintains a sort of leering candor all his own. So when Michael G. Jordan (the emcee strongly favors actor Michael B. Jordan) premiered his newest track by way of Hot New Hip-Hop, it was a cause for celebration having known how long the Indiana-to-L.A. emcee has been tailoring and tinkering on his craft.

“Hennessy Lemonade,” which I had the pleasure of hearing prior to its breaking HNHH, has come a long way since its early beginnings. It’s being touted as the second single from G. Scott’s upcoming Another Weekend in Las Vegas LP – the “sequel” of sorts to his 2012 mixtape Weekend in Las Vegas – and rightfully so.

Self-produced by Scott, who switches up the beat twice over the course the song’s 4:23 runtime and still maintains a hypnotic mood throughout, “Hennessy Lemonade” has G-Scott’s storytelling taking center stage. The instrumental switches between under the influence and a circus funhouse loop, and the rapper’s sing-songy flow on the hook only further keeps listeners in a trance. As a drink, “Hennessy Lemonade” sounds like the fast track to a headache and a long night; as a song, however, G-Scott makes it sound like the funnest thing ever. If this is what’s waiting on Las Vegas, that “Weekend” can’t come soon enough.

Michael G. Jordan G-Scott’s Another Weekend in Las Vegas, on which “Hennessy Lemonade” appears, is slated to arrive later this year.

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