The 1992 LA Riots will forever be a moment in history that displayed a huge separation between the cultures on American soil. It’s easy to forget, however, about the smaller narratives that existed within the moments of violence and reaction to the Rodney King verdict. One of those narratives is shown in director Robert Nyerges’ upcoming film April’s Way, which centers around a Korean store owner struggling to protect his family and his market from becoming casualties of the riots.

April’s Way, seems poised to become a success at the box office almost solely because of the credits of the people working on it. Its AD workers have previously worked on films like Lincoln, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Interstellar ; it’s DP has shot music videos for artists like Rick Ross and Justin Bieber; and the film’s composer has contributed music for the trailers of films Furious 7 and Lone Survivor.

In order to recreate the feelings of tension and urgency of 1992 L.A., director Nyerges opted to shoot the movie entirely on 35mm film. The film was also shot in an actual Korean market that burned down during the 1992 riots. April’s Way already being showered with praise, at that. A working cut of the movie was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival to great acclaim, and Bill Pope of ASC said April’s Way is

“Terrific! Really spooky, human, and moving.”


Nyerges and his crew have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds for the film and further promote the project. You can check out that Kickstarter below if you’re interested in helping this film get off the ground. The trailer for April’s Way can also be watched below.

With such an interesting and unique concept such as this one, April’s Way is sure to make some splashes in the cinematic ocean.


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