As if the WWE didn’t need any more bad news in regards to top stars being out. With Randy Orton already sidelined with a separated shoulder that may keep him out until after WrestleMania, the WWE’s tour of Ireland may have given the company its biggest casualty yet. During a match with Kane, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins attempted to do a sunset flip reversal into a powerbomb. Seth’s right knee however buckled after performing the move. Rollins was still able to finish the match before being looked at by trainers and WWE medics at ringside.

The WWE has announced that Rollins has torn his ACL & MCL and will have to forfeit his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He’ll be out six to nine months which means we probably won’t get that Shield Triple Threat in Dallas for Wrestlemania 32.

Rollins exit leaves the door for the Survivor Series to revert back to 1998 and crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion via the Deadly Game tournament (though I’m certain it won’t be called that). We’re saying a few prayers for Crossfit Jesus and hope he can come back to the ring better than ever.