On Monday, WhyJae told the world that his “Get Dough (YNGD)” video was arriving sometime around noon Wednesday. That same night he released “Blue Hawaii,” another one of those WhyJae cuts that literally snakes through all of the clutter and bullshit in hip-hop and comparisons and asks that his individuality is celebrated. Well, today is the lucky day for WhyJae fans as the “Get Dough (YNGD)” video arrived right on time and with plenty of little quirks to show off how clever the Houston rapper is.

“Get Dough (YNGD)” is a money making anthem tried and true with plenty of dollar sign iconography flashing around and WhyJae and his FLS crew taking over a mattress store to have a little chill time and fun. You can watch the “Get Dough (YNGD)” video for yourself below and relate.