By now we’re all well aware of how the city of Chicago, Illinois has become synonymous with high gang violence and and growing numbers of Black bodies in its death toll. It’s often cited whenever one seeks to bring up the “what about Black on Black crime” argument but very rarely are solutions to the violence proposed at all.

What if the solution was sex? Taking a cue from the Greek comedy Lysistrata, Spike Lee (fresh off putting his touch on NBA 2K16) proposes a cure to violence in his new film Chiraq: the women in Chicago’s greater Black community – led by the stunning Teyonah Parris of “Survivor’s Remorse” and Dear White People fame – band together to withhold sex from the men until they tone the murder down.

Lee revealed the trailer for the upcoming film earlier today, and it seems to hold true to the satirical Spike that reared its head in Bamboozled and Do The Right Thing, tackling a real-life issue with just enough humor. Chiraq’s star-studded cast certainly gives promise to the film as well, with Samuel L. Jackson as a narrator, LaLa Anthony amongst Parris’s brigade of women, Steve Harris, Angela Bassett, Dave Chappelle (!!), John Cusack as a preacher, and even Nick Cannon as one of the “gang leaders” who just so happens to be a rapper as well.

Spike Lee’s Chiraq film opens to limited release in theaters on December 4.