When Tinashe announced the second single from her upcoming JOYRIDE sophomore album, a duet with Chris Brown entitled “Player,” it seemed like a match made in heaven – two of the most talented dancers in the music game right now, almost certainly had to create a dance-heavy track. Its end result was a pulsating, EDM-and-B track that was low-energy, a banger in its own right but maybe not what people expected.

Now, shortly after stripping (her personality, of course) for Playboy Magazine, Tinashe has given her “Player” single the visual treatment; and where the single itself may have fallen below some expectations, the music video brings it fully to life.

Depicting Tinashe as a competitor dancing her way up through “levels” of other dancers, it makes perfect sense that Chris Brown is “Player’s” final boss battle, and the song’s slightly video game-esque instrumental fits more soundly alongside the video. Brown doesn’t do much more than swing Tinashe around in his arms and “pin” her to the ground after setting her down gently. Not that we’re complaining – that just allows the gorgeous singer and her fit and flexible form to take center stage. Who WOULDN’T want to play Tinashe’s particular game?

Tinashe’s JOYRIDE album is due out later this year, though the Chris Brown-featured “Player” single is out now on iTunes.