At the conclusion of “Answers,” episode four of Reagan Gomez’s sci-fi/horror series SURVIVING, viewers finally had a better idea of the “not flu” that had infected the city. More importantly, it revealed the connection that Dr. Shayla and her sister Lucy had to the disease. Shayla and Lucy had fled their father’s friend Leonard’s house after Leonard grew suspicious when his security system went down. Or so we thought.

Picking up right where episode four’s tense conclusion left off, episode five of SURVIVING introduces a brand new character in Agent Juarez (Samantha Esteban, playing the perfect villain with hints of cockiness and snark) and shows the “government’s” efforts to track down our two protagonists. If you’ve been paying attention, you might even recognize a familiar face from SURVIVING’s pilot episode amongst Agent Juarez’s cronies. Lucy and Shayla are apprehended, and thus find themselves forced to confront that enemy might not JUST be the “infected,” after all. The most epic thing about this week’s episode? The fact that Lucy – who, up until this point who had been in a passive role – fights back, too.

True to Reagan Gomez’s mission with SURVIVING of presenting a sci-fi/horror series that puts people of color in the driver’s seat, it’s refreshing to see a Latina woman in charge and playing the nemesis to Shayla’s heroine. Whether this is Agent Juarez’s only appearance remains to be seen, but tough women have been SURVIVING’s modus operandi and Agent Juarez is simply too good to be so quickly removed.

Watch “Fight Another Day,” episode five of SURVIVING up top. Reagan Gomez and her RGP Productions group are still raising money for SURVIVING’s second season, and you can donate to that cause here.