Here’s your goal for Monday – see how many minutes you can can last without falling in love with Lianne La Havas, while watching her new music video for “Green & Gold.”

“Green & Gold” (which lived on La Havas’ recent sophomore album Blood and which the gorgeous singer performed as part of her Tiny Desk Concert with NPR) was engrossing on its own, telling a sort of “coming of age” story in its lyrics as the singer aimed to define herself. What the visuals for “Green & Gold” do, on the other hand, is remind us how bewitching La Havas is in all of her beauty.

Director Ravi Dhar deserves credit for using hues of the titular colors and, yes, depicting a mirror broken (“Trying to dip my toes in the mirror, thinking ‘who’s that girl?'”) and later restored in La Havas’ hands (“And I’m seeing everything clearer”) to reflect the song itself is very clever. But it’s seeing the brown girl in her curls bounce around and strum her guitar for three and a half minutes, smiling confidently in the person she has both accepted and become, that truly makes the “Green & Gold” worth it.

One of the finer and more slept-on R&B releases of the year, Lianne La Havas’ Blood LP is out now on iTunes.