It’s tempting to call The Foreign Exchange prophets. Granted, the “Cuffing Season” phenomenon is nothing new; but when the group put opted to put “Body” on their superb album Tales from The Land of Milk & Honey, it seemed just another smooth addition to a solid tracklist.

And yet, here we are, three days into the new NBA season, fall in full swing, and it’s now that Foreign Exchange chooses to give their “Body” track a music video. Perfect timing.

Except “Body’s” visuals might differ a tad from the image you might’ve expected. “Body” the song is about a yearning and burning desire to cuddle up with the one you want, to stay at home and make magic amongst yourselves. Hell, “Body’s” verse closes with the line, “I’d rather stay inside, inside you.”

“Body’s” music video keeps it classy instead, depicting plenty of alternatives that still show lovers enjoying each other’s company. Director Kenneth Price intermingles images of Phonte and the band jamming out with shots of couples together on a couch. And if you need date night ideas, look no further. Why settle for “Netflix & Chill” when you can XBOX and Chill… or Kindle and Chill… or even “Pass Go, Collect $200” and Chill?

“Body’s” visuals just feel nice. The only thing Tigallo and Co. might be lying about? Ain’t no way UNO and Chill is that relaxed, especially once Bae drops a WILD Draw Four on you.

The Foreign Exchange’s Tales from the Land of Milk & Honey LP, on which “Body” appears, is available now on iTunes.