“Run, hide, SURVIVE – that is your world now!”

SURVIVING, Reagan Gomez’s new sci-fi/horror webseries with a predominantly of-color cast, is slowly becoming must see web-TV with every episode. Between Cynthia Kaye McWilliams’ engrossing star turn as Shayla and SURVIVING’s script – helmed by Gomez, as both writer and director – the series has raised the stakes with suspense for the last three weeks.

The fourth episode of SURVIVING, thankfully, aims to give some clarity about what Shayla and Lucy have found themselves on the run from. Having taken refuge in the home of Leonard, a friend of their father’s, the two are able to take a break from the madness. Leonard, it turns out, knows more than just what’s going on – he also knows what created the “not flu” and, more importantly, what might be able to stop it from spreading even further. And no sooner than they find out the truth, Shayla and Lucy find themselves on the move again.

In the three episodes previous, Shayla has had to be the strong one, persisting in spite of the dire circumstances and encouraging her younger sister to keep her head in the chaos. Episode four presents a rare moment, up to this point, where the heroine reveals that she’s struggling to hold it together, and perhaps even indebted to Lucy to make up for lost time.

Watch “Answers…,” episode four of Reagan Gomez’s SURVIVING webseries, up top. The actress-writer-director is currently raising funds for the series’ second season and you can donate at ReaganGomez.com.