It’s Halloween on Saturday, which means a lot of people are going to wear costumes and listen to a ton of Vincent Price and watch horror movies. That’s great. We’ve also determined that Michael Jackson’s Thriller is the universal soundtrack for Halloween, though if you opt for Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” or “Mind Of A Lunatic” then you’re smart too. Black Taffy, Dallas producer extraordinaire and someone who has a keen sense of being in love with Screw culture has upped all of it with a brand new mix – Triller. What is Triller you ask? It’s Black Taffy giving Michael Jackson’s Thriller the screwed & chopped treatment.

Our friends over at Central Track kind of goaded Black Taffy into doing the project and the results are fascinating. You could listen to “Wanna Be Startin’ Soemthin'” slowed down and hear little notes that make you think of Joeski Love’s “Pee-Wee Dance”. You’ll fight your brain to unlearn all of what you know already about Thriller as the almost perfect pop album but Triller is far more distant and darker.

“I’m a [Screw] purist,” Taffy told Central Track. “DJ Screw’s mixes can be really quiet or blown out, or his tape is worn out and phasing all on its own. Sometimes it sounds like he was super throwed off during a session and he just loses control of his cuts, making sloppy chops or adjusting the volume to the overall mix. It’s really noticeable. and its human.”

Hear Black Taffy’s Triller below and trip out with it.