The WWE has done a lot of things right with the WWE Network, namely dropping the fourth wall and letting viewers get to know the human side of wrestlers when they aren’t on TV Mondays, Thursdays or Sunday nights. After partnering up with ESPN to deliver an hour long special on NXT hopefuls such as Adam Rose, Xavier Woods & Corey Graves, the E has decided to give the NXT hopefuls of today their own mini-documentary based program, WWE: Breaking Ground.

The show, hosted by William Shatner features plenty of rising WWE talent such as Apollo Crews & Baron Corbin. You also see guys who appeared on NXT during earlier seasons as well as younger acts who haven’t been able to crack TV or in the case of Devin Taylor, face an uphill climb to be recognized more as just a backstage announcer. Given what we know now about some of the guys featured in episode one, it makes WWE: Breaking Ground kind of a somber watch. But hey, the WWE decided to find legitimacy in the Reality Era by being legitimized by ESPN and tons of other media places that cover wrestling the same way they do any other sport. Watch the first episode of WWE: Breaking Ground below.