Ask any critic, the one gripe they have with Future & Drake’s parlay into a middle ground of excess, drugs, isolation and fame, What A Time To Be Alive, is that Drake is there. Not just there but awkwardly there. It’s not as if Drake & Future don’t have chemistry, they showed plenty of it for “Tony Montana” and “Where Ya At”. It’s that Drake living in Future’s world is far more off-putting than Drake & Future’s worlds merging together. You love when Future morphs “Jumpman Jumpman” into “Dopeman Dopeman” or his solo work on “Jersey” or even how he works on “Scholarships” and “Diamonds Dancing”. There’s not as much mumbling, full on enunciation. In a way, it’s the cleanest Future tape available, and we’re not talking about “absolute happy” Future that we saw on Honest.

Now, if you still want the full version of What A Time To Be Alive then you can go grab it on iTunes or hear it on Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal etc. But, John Gotty of The Smoking Section asked a friend to do him a solid since he was in the majority of people who went Future > Drake on What A Time….. He convinced his friend to make a 20-minute version of the mixtape, with just Future. It may behoove you to listen to it the same way you’ve heard any of the work Future & Metro Boomin have given to you over the past year and some change.