Jacquees - Bounce

Jacquees, Cash Money Records’ new R&B signee, is the latest child of the “Trap’N’B” movement. The Atlanta crooner and Rich Gang affiliate has generated a quiet buzz this year, to where even his “U Need Me” single got the purple treatment on Slim K’s recent Nice & Slow 51 mixtape. And with his Birdman-assisted debut album, Lost At Sea, in the works, Jacquees has put out a new single, entitled “Bounce.”

With a title like “Bounce,” you might expect the track to be a party record. What it is instead, is Jacquees spending three and half minutes spitting game to a girl and insisting that it’s past time to consummate their relationship. Over a seductive instrumental courtesy of Nate B, Jacquees pleads, “Pretty lady, I just wanna share my feelings with you!” The singer ain’t too proud to beg, and you really can’t get more direct than asking, “Can I f*ck you from the back and make that ass bounce?” At the least, “Bounce” deserves consideration for your Cuffing Season and Netflix & Chill rotations.

“Bounce” is slated to appear on Jacquees’ Lost At Sea album, due to land before the close of 2015.