Houston upstart Genesis Iver owes a few things to Kanye West. Well, his name ironically enough but the 22-year-old is building off the buzz he created with Book of Genesis for his next project, WOLVES. No, the CDQ of the Kanye track won’t surface but as opposed to releasing tracks as they are, Iver is releasing them as “episodes”. “In The Jungle / Running With Wolves” is a moody eight-minute stretch where Rocky Banks shows up to help steer a few things, but it’s otherwise a slow rolling boulder of a rap track. It paints with the same sort of murky, drum & reverb heavy brushes that color a lot of rap at the moment, and that’s fine. Genesis Iver dictates how he works to what’s in his heart. There’s no idea what WOLVES could sound like but if “In The Jungle / Running With Wolves” is any indication, Genesis Iver will want something to set him apart. Stream “In The Jungle / Running With Wolves” below.