There has been much said about Joe Budden’s All Love Lost album. He himself has said its his best project and fans agree with him. He’s done podcasts, premiered the lyrics to the album on Genius, even revealed the initial tracks from the album on his own “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” podcast. Well, Joe Budden went to discuss All Love Lost at Huff Post Live earlier this afternoon — and the producers of HuffPost Live graciously allowed our EIC, Brandon Caldwell along with Frazier Tharpe of Complex Magazine to discuss the album.

Brandon asked about Joe’s favorite song on the album, “Love, I’m Good” as well as songs he’s grown to regret making over the course of his career. Host Alex Miranda discussed Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video, his time on Couples Therapy and how all of it has been therapy for Budden. Watch the full interview on HuffPost Love below (and please ignore our EIC’s big head).