After spending time in Dallas over the weekend and catching The D.O.C.’s return to the stage in over two decades, I caught up with Rodney Blu, host of the Burning Bridges podcast and could only laugh at how excited he was. He had just left a room at Rockit Lab Studios where he had, in his words, his best episode ever — an hour long sitdown with The D.O.C.

DJKMOR provided the sounds in the background as Blu & The D.O.C. go through the Dallas pioneer’s extensive history and more. Blu opens the episode discussing his own ups & downs growing up and facing struggle before leading in full to the interview. “I lost my job and my old lady in the same week,” he admits, laughing at the same time. “Just as I feel like I’m finally hitting a stride in this podcast game! But that’s life, you know?”

Its a very, very disarming conversation, not just by Blu but by The D.O.C as well. You may become even more of a fan of The D.O.C. after this, you may even subscribe to the podcast and wait for the next go-round when Blu interviews someone else. He just closed the circuit he started when he interviewed Justus, the Garland to Los Angeles artist who has credits on Dr. Dre & The Game’s latest two albums and was brought to Los Angeles & Dr. Dre via The D.O.C. Now you see why this interview is rather special.

I was honored to welcome Dallas rap legend The D.O.C. into the studio. Over the course of our talk, he reinforced my perspective on life’s struggles — and, in discussing his recent return to live performance this weekend with a show at The Bomb Factory, he shared too the joys of going through redemption.

We also talk in great depth about his past, as The D.O.C. shares intricacies of his life’s story with never-before-heard detail. From his original exodus from Dallas and the height of his career following some agonizing years as NWA and Dr. Dre’s brute of labor to the accident that changed his stratospheric trajectory forever and his recent seeming rise from the dead, it’s all covered here.

Hear the entire interview via Central Track below.