I’ll readily admit something. When I see someone write something stronger or capture the essence of a song, I’ll give a hat tip and ably do my best to either attempt to top it or fail trying. John Gotty of The Smoking Section has played Punch‘s “Uninspired” numerous times since it was released late last week. Every time I hear it, it takes me back to how often I heard DJ Honda & Mos Def’s “Travellin’ Man” or how often I’ve pictured those montage black & white shots of nameless ghettos. All of the inhabitants, from kids playing in the streets to young adults who were once those kids, hoping life could ever return to being that simple.

“Uninspired” is autobiographical and it once more drives the point home that Punch may be the one member from TDE who fans are begging, pleading and salivating for a full length project from. We’ve gotten far too many teases, far too many vivid stories twisted together through drums, drive and passion for there not to be something at the end of the tunnel. Life for Punch circles around Watts, his OGs and what is asked of the people he represents. His raps, especially on “Uninspired” speak to this and more.

“The art direction inspired by chord progression,
In the heart of an artist whose tag is freshest
On the wall that’s been rattled with bullet fragments,
Just painted over, survivor’s guilt hangs over”

On To Pimp A Butterfly, Punch’s TDE compadre Kendrick Lamar spoke of survivor’s guilt, of living with demons and regret. All Punch is doing is rapping for something far greater. For the inhabitants who may still remain in the hoods and ghettos of California and to an extent, the world. For the fans who believe he’s toying with them by releasing great music ever so often. His eyes are big and he’s only scratched the surface of figuring out how deep does his purpose go.

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