“I don’t think that’s the damn flu.”

Reagan Gomez is doing exactly what she set out to do.

The actress-screenwriter-director launched her sci-fi/horror-inspired webseries SURVIVING two weeks ago, determined to establish sci-fi content that was, for once, centered around people of color rather than having them primarily in supporting roles. The series has been very well-received, its script humorous yet engaging and its talented cast playing their roles spectacularly.

In the previous two episodes, SURVIVING hinted to but didn’t directly confront the “epidemic” that has infected the city, what with the screaming man at the end of the pilot and the shuffling bodies in the neighborhood in episode two. Now, in episode three, protagonists Dr. Shayla (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) and her sister Lucy will see the effects of the sickness right in front of them.

What’s caused the “sickness” remains a mystery, but Gomez keeps the tension in episode 3 at a consistent high, with Shayla’s attempting to remain calm and focused being in stark contrast to Lucy’s paranoia and obvious fear. After a flashback causes Shayla to recall her father (Phil Morris)’s advice once more – a nice break from the tension what with the younger Shayla referencing fried chicken and side dishes – the good doctor heads to what should be a safe haven, the home of her father’s friend Leonard. But they won’t get there easily at all.

Watch “Get to Leonard,” episode three of SURVIVING up top. Gomez is still raising money and support for the webseries’ second season, and you can find out more and donate to her efforts by visiting ReaganGomez.com.