D.R.A.M. - Caretaker f. SZA

With his much-awaited GAHDAMN! EP slated to land at the close of the week, Social Experiment affiliate D.R.A.M. is giving the people of taste of what’s to come. The rapper-singer took to soundcloud to unveil his collaboration with TDE songbird SZA, “Caretaker (Extended),” earlier today.

How fitting is it that, a week after we published the greatest R&B dirty mack anthems of the previous decade, D.R.A.M. makes a case to put himself in conversation to be amongst the best dirty mack tracks of THIS decade.

On “Caretaker” – an extended version of the same-named track that appeared on The Social Experiment’s SURF album – SZA’s voice soothes and coaxes over soft tapping drums and tiptoeing piano keys, even while admitting she’s already in a relationship. SZA’s so good at her seducing that she brings the singer side of D.R.A.M. out, pledging his loyalty to SZA with absolutely no regards to her man (“Fuck that nigga,” he croons spitefully, “I’ll never shake his hand now”). It should be guilt inducing. Instead, it’s perhaps one of the sexiest songs released thus far this year.

The SZA-assisted “Caretaker” is slated to appear on D.R.A.M. GAHDAMN! EP, which releases October 23rd.