Normally I wouldn’t advise you to watch a 10-minute Saturday Night Live cold open but today’s a new day. First, any cold open that mocks last week’s #DemDebate, you have to watch just for Kate McKinnon’s Hilary Clinton. Second, any cold open that brings back Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David and has him as Bernie Sanders is a must watch period. So, Larry David came back to the SNL set as Bernie Sanders. Thus, you have to watch a 10-minute cold open.

How crazy was Larry David fulfilling his destiny by playing Bernie Sanders? He overshaodwed Alec Baldwin showing up and all Alec Baldwin has done besides The Hunt for Red October and Married To The Mob is host SNL. Enjoy it because we’re this close to having Donald Trump play himself and we’ll still be laughing regardless of how serious he is.