Jay-Von x Erykah Badu - On and On Freestyle

Jay-Von is breaking all of his own established rules. Initially, the Mo. City-hailing rapper embarked on a series of Friday Night Freestyles, entrusting Day & A Dream editor Brandon Caldwell to premiere a new track every Friday night over a rap classic. But it seems that formula has changed.

Last week, he put the freestyles on hold to tag-team “Stay Schemin'” with his fellow Brother in (Bar) Destruction Relli. This week, Jay-Von’s freestyles are back, but it’s not dropping late at night – it’s arrived this afternoon… AND it’s over an R&B track.

Erykah Badu’s “On & On” IS a neo-soul classic, so maybe that fits somehow in Jay-Von’s scheme of things. Recruiting DJ Mosama to flip Badu’s instrumental into what he calls “Vonduizm,” Jay-Von tempers his flow from its usual viciousness to something much smoother, floating over the tapping snare and comparing himself to Michael Jordan before lacing his second verse with references to rap legends like Will Smith’s Fresh Prince and Run DMC. “What y’all know about rap like that? I’m just tryna bring that back,” the emcee insists. Does this mean more R&B-fueled raps are to come before Fuck an EP lands? Time will tell.