R&B/soul group The Internet’s critic-approved but much slept on Ego Death LP continues to remain in the rotation. And as though to wake up those who have been sleeping, the Odd Future affiliates took to VEVO today to premiere a music video for one of the album’s stand out cuts, the slow-burning “Get Away.”

Dividing its time between shots of lead singer Syd the Kid and her girlfriend at odds, and shots of Syd and her bandmates at a kickback and rocking out in an abandoned skate park, director Calmatic keeps the visuals for “Get Away” bright and full of color. Seeing as how it IS Friday, don’t be surprised if Syd’s soothing voice reminds you to have some fun this weekend, if not to steal off on a trip somewhere. Sometimes you really do just need to get away from it all.

The Internet’s EGO Death album, on which “Get Away” appears, is out now on iTunes.

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