Raven Sorvino x Melat - 96 Fleetwood

When Day & A Dream #BreakoutQueen Raven Sorvino announced that her next project, entitled Pretty Pink, was a semi-concept album that would only feature herself and other women artists, we found ourselves intrigued by the premise.

The fact that Pretty N Pink’s first single had her collaborating with the self-anointed Queen of Memphis Gangsta Boo on the thumping “Nextel Chirp” raised the anticipation even more. But when it was revealed that a Texas connection would also appear on the album, by way of Houston-raised Raven linking up with Austin-bred songbird Melát, Sorvino had our attention loud and clear.

That collaboration found its way onto the internets today, as Raven Sorvino dropped “96 Fleetwood” featuring Melát. Producer Woody’s Produce is on hand to provide the track’s beat, a country-rock symphony that opens with guitar strums and launches into thudding bass as a snare ticks along in the background. Melát is a mellow presence on the song’s hook and bridge, cooing and harmonizing underneath Raven’s rugged flow. It sounds damn near reminiscent of the Timbaland-Aaliyah collabs of the 2000s.

The Melát-assisted “96 Fleetwood” is slated to appear Raven Sorvino’s Pretty Pink project, due out in late October.