“He’s been harder, had a vengeance, lived free and endured a not-so-good day as part of the Die Hard series.” said writer Sean O’Connell when the news first hit that the Die Hard are in talks of filming a prequel. Which raises the question, will we see Bruce Willis return for this film or see a fresh new face grace the screen as John McClane?

Fox certainly hopes so as reports that the studio is in talks with director Len Wiseman to return to the series and create a Die Hard 6  that would portray as a sort of a prequel that still would find a way for Willis to return to his signature role. Anyone else confused by this? Sources suggests that Fox is pursuing that Willis would act in a bookending story that frames a main story set in 1979, with young John McClane as a beaten down cop in New York long before the days he was proclaimed as a national hero.
die-hard-3No argument that the Die Hard franchise needs to head in a new direction. But do audiences want to see a new Die Hard with Bruce Willis placed in the narrater seat, reminiscing on a once-difficult case and then passing the reigns over to – whatever 15 minute heart throb thats relevant, Channing Tatum? Dylan O’Brien? Or maybe a Looper reunion with Joseph Gordon Levitt.  In most cases this might be a classic case of leaving a great franchise back in the era it thrived .

Not to take anything away from the previous film, Len Wiseman’s take on John McClane did quite well in the box office, but the only thing that stood against them was trying to topple by far the best film in the series Die Hard with a Vengeance. Although this is still in the very early stage of development, we know that Fox is interested in getting back into the Die Hard game. Only question remains, are fans ready to Die Hard again?