Last week, Reagan Gomez premiered the pilot episode for her new sci-fi/horror inspired webseries, Surviving. The series puts a spotlight on people of color – Black people, specifically – and their absence in films of the genre, putting Black people as a majority of the cast and even setting as its main protagonist a Black woman. Today, Gomez dropped Episode 2 of Surviving, entitled “Gotta Get Home.”

Picking up where the pilot left off, viewers find Shayla (Cynthia Kaye McWilliams) awakening from her accident, but not before a dream sequence involving her father (played by Black sitcom staple Phil Morris) preparing her to “survive.” When she finally does, she discovers her sister Lucy has panicked because of her absence and rushes home to find her. Lucy turns out to be okay, but the two find out that worst is far from over.

Gomez wrote and directed this episode as well; and while the pilot benefited greatly from a nice blend of humor and tension, “Gotta Get Home” maintains a tension and suspense throughout that never lets the viewer get comfortable. When Shayla tells Lucy towards the close of the episode “Everything’s gonna be okay,” nobody believes her. The good doctor likely doesn’t even believe herself.

Watch Episode 2 of SURVIVING up top and be sure to support Gomez in her efforts to raise money and support for the series’ second season by visiting her website, A new episode of SURVIVING touches down on the internets next Tuesday.