BB & The Underground Kingz - The Trill is Gone

In mid-September, producer-musician-certified mix artist Amerigo Gazaway dropped “The Trill is Gone,” a track that layered UGK lyrics over belated blues legend B.B. King’s instrumentation. As part of Gazaway’s ongoing Soul Mates series, it was perhaps the most unlikely collab in the producer’s arsenal, and yet it all came together in a sort of a solidly southern-fried, honey-dripping sonic superbness.

It was soon revealed that “B.B. & The Underground Kingz” wasn’t just a one-shot but, rather, a full-scale project from the producer. One more single (“Make Love to My Car”) and lots of promo later, Amerigo Gazaway set free on the internets B.B. & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone, a complete mixtape combining the best of Pimp C & Bun B with some of King’s most notable blues ticks.

Eighteen tracks deep and also featuring exclusive interview clips from UGK (courtesy of contemporary hip-hop historian Samaan Ashrawi) interspersed in interludes and at the beginning of certain songs, The Trill is Gone lives on the strength of nostalgic value alone for way in which it re-invents many of the legendary rap duo’s songs.

That allows “International Players’ Anthem” to go from its initial Willie Hutch-sampling greatness, to a country rap masterpiece that makes Andre 3000’s guest verse and Chad Butler’s proverbs, stand out even more over the strums of Lucille and King and Eric Clapton on the hook. The original “Pop It for Pimp,” notorious for its ratchet glory, transforms into a funk masterpiece. And UGK’s take on Ludacris and Cam’ron’s “What Means the World to You,” becomes something you can two-step – perhaps, zydeco even – along to, on Gazaway’s version, “What Means the World to Pimp.”

But it’s also a testament to how King’s blues and the Pimp and Bun’s verses aren’t so far removed from each other as they may seem. The B.B. & The Underground Kingz version of “Pourin’ Up” will never let listeners go back to the original as they sway along with styrofoam cups in their hands. And the bonus track “Smoke Sumthin’,” featuring Trill A.G., merges the blues with the streets so beautifully, that you’ll all but assume B.B. is up in heaven passing a blunt to Chad Butler as we type.

Stream and download (for FREE!) Amerigo Gazaway’s B.B. & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone album down below.