the weekend - the hills_remixes

“The Hills” is already certified fire, the smash single from The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness sophomore album having been just one of the Canadian crooner’s many #1 hit songs in 2015 alone.

So it makes sense that the man born Abel Tesfaye would opt to remix his hit song not once but twice, with two of the rap game’s most notable members. As of midnight EST, The Weeknd dropped “The Hills: The Remixes” on Apple Music, two separate remixes of the song featuring Eminem and Nicki Minaj, respectively.

Each remix is more or less fitting for a particular mood. The Nicki Minaj-featured remix has Nicki batting lead off, her rap seemingly echoing along the beat and detailing a tryst before Abel picks up with the rest of the song.

But it’s “The Hills (Remix)” featuring Eminem, shockingly enough, that seems the bigger monster in the making. Just as Minaj does on hers, Eminem begins the song before giving way to Abel, but the Eminem remix also features an extra verse from Marshall Mathers in the middle. Somehow, Em’s raps border on seductive rather than his usual insanity, his flow slowed to compliment the scaled-back instrumental and Em himself detailing the twisted method behind the woman he’s messing with. “You just wanna thrill-seek but still creep,” Em raps, before closing out, “Don’t pressure me – it’s just sex.”

Stream The Weeknd’s “The Hills (Remixes),” featuring Nicki Minaj and Eminem, down below. Both remixes are available on iTunes now.