Mya - Welcome to My World

For singer Mýa, her birthday has become a cause for her fans to celebrate. Not simply because of the occasion, but because the ageless songstress has all but started a tradition of releasing new music on her born day.

That tradition continues today, as Mýa Harrison not only turns 21 for the *redacted* time, but also announces the next step in her career. The last we heard from Harrison was February’s Love Elevation Suite EP, a five-track affair of love-themed fare. Now, it’s been revealed that Harrison has gone the independent route, announcing a brand of her own in Planet 9 Productions; and the first release under that brand arrives today in “Welcome to My World.”

On the four-minute slow jam – which somehow seems so much shorter – Mýa’s breathy voice formally “welcomes” the one she has her eyes on to everything that she’s about. “Welcome to My World” is a play-by-play as to how to handle her (“Steady tryna get to know me, gotta take it slow with things”). It’s not an empty trade-off, however, and there’s a reward in store for the man who can hang in “her world” – “I could show you things, you ain’t never seen before,” Mýa teases on the song’s hook.

Stream Mýa’s “Welcome to My World” for yourself down below; the single is available for purchase now on iTunes.