Kelela - Hallucinogen

Over the last two years, bits and pieces of Kelela have surfaced on the internet. The singer – who can’t quite be classified as “just” R&B yet whose sound, if it could be put into a box, would probably be R&B-ish – has captivated many a listener with her versatile and adaptable vocals and lovely melodies. Now, Kelela finally has a body of work to back up the hype, with the release of her Hallucinogen EP earlier today. For those who may still be new to Kelela or are not yet sold on all that the singer offers, however, Kelela has partnered with Spotify to allow a free stream of the project.

With a runtime of just under a half hour – twenty-three minutes and some change, to be exact – Hallucinogen‘s strongest point is that none of its six tracks sound the same. As a whole, the EP is a certified Cuffing Season soundtrack: though lead single “Rewind” suggested that Hallucinogen would have a lot more ’80s-sounding dance tracks, it’s literally the only thing of its kind on the project. Kelela’s voice is simply hypnotizing on tracks like “Gomenasai” and the slow burning “All The Way Down”; and the title track employs a sort of disjointed instrumentation that still comes together quite nicely. By the time the EP concludes with “The High,” listeners may find themselves coming down much earlier than intended.

Stream Kelela’s Hallucinogen EP down below. Hallucinogen is available on iTunes now.