BB & The Underground Kingz - The Trill is Gone

A week from today, sound engineer, producer, and pioneer of “collaborations that never were” Amerigo Gazaway will drop his B.B. & The Underground Kingz: The Trill is Gone project, the latest edition to Gazaway’s “SoulMates Project” collection which combines the sounds of blues legend B.B. King and rap pioneers UGK.

The Trill is Gone caught the attention of many when its title track landed on the internets last month. Now, Gazaway is giving listeners another preview of what’s to come on the upcoming project by way of a new single, “Make Love to My Car.”

As the song’s title implies, “Make Love to My Car” blends B.B. King’s version “Make Love to My Baby” with Pimp C & Bun B’s “F*ck My Car.” Whereas B.B.’s version is a bluesy groove and UGK’s track is a riding monster, the marriage of the two sounds like something steeped in ’70s funk. Layering the Underground Kingz’s verses over Lucille’s guitar strums, his band’s thudding drums and horns, and B.B.’s voice on the hook, “Make Love to My Car” would make Rick James proud and the belated B.B. and Chad Butler grin at the Southern fried soul throughout.

Stream Amerigo Gazaway x B.B. and The Underground Kingz’s “Make Love to My Car” track and download it for free on the producer’s Bandcamp page. Gazaway’s The Trill is Gone mixalbum releases to the general public on October 16th.