I can’t recall if it was GoldLink’s God Complex EP or “Dance On Me” when I became sold on him. There aren’t too many rappers who haven’t signed to major labels and turned into festival darlings who excite me. GoldLink happens to be one of them and today he dropped another toe-tapping number “Spectrum” that happens to come with an interesting caveat.

“Spectrum” is the first single from GoldLink’s upcoming debut album, And After That We Didn’t Talk (November 13, Soulection). Produced by Louie Lastic, the two happen to marry a Missy Elliott vocal sample from “She’s A Bitch” with plenty of boastful rhymes about being 19 and maybe more famous than anyone in your respective crew. As oft sexual as GoldLink is, “Spectrum” is literally on the opposite end with GoldLink bragging far more about self-worth and accomplishment than sexual prowess. Listen to the Louie Lastic produced “Spectrum” below.