Actress Reagan Gomez is best known, perhaps, for her turn on Robert Townsend’s The Parent ‘Hood series on the WB back in the ’90s. The actress has since grown out of being “Zaria,” landing supporting roles in various motion pictures like DMX’s adaptation of the Donald Goines novel Never Die Alone. But, more importantly, Gomez has built herself into a brand. Not content with just being an actress, she launched RGP Productions, which itself has been responsible for creating notable webseries such as “Almost Home.” In 2014, however, Gomez undertook her most ambitious endeavor to date.

“People of color love Sci-Fi shows and films. But rarely are we represented in said shows and films. The running joke is, if there’s a black guys in the movie, he dies first. And black women, well….we aren’t considered at all. We’re never the hero. We never survive till the end. We’re never the stars. It’s time for that to change” – Reagan Gomez

The presence – or lack thereof – of people of color in horror and science-fiction movies and television series prompted Reagan Gomez to make a sci-fi influenced series of her own.

Initially entitled Surviving The Dead, Gomez pitched her idea to ordinary people, hoping that her fanbase and her ingenious idea of a sci-fi series with a Black female protagonist and a majority of-color cast would be enough to get it off the ground. She initiated an IndieGoGo campaign for Surviving The Dead in late 2014, and ended up exceeding her crowd-funding goal by almost $2,000.

After months devoted to writing, scripting, and shooting, Gomez’s ambitious endeavor made its series premiere today. Its title shortened to simply Surviving, the series’ pilot episode is directed by Gomez herself and features many recognizable faces (Jackie Long from the film ATL, for example, and Cynthia Kaye McWilliams). In the pilot, we’re introduced to Dr. Shayla Robinson (played by McWilliams), who finds her hospital flooded with people in the wake of a city-wide epidemic/evacuation. Dr. Robinson initially believes the illness to be the flu, but soon finds that it may be more than that; to say nothing of the fact that her younger sister has all but been abandoned by her father. Though the times are serious, Gomez manages to insert moments of sparkling wit in spite of the dire circumstances, hopefully just a sign of what’s to come in the episodes going forward.

Watch the pilot episode of Reagan Gomez’s Surviving for yourself up top. New episodes are expected to release every Tuesday, and more information on the show can be found at