While Social Media has invaded virtually every aspect of our lives, the quality level between different platforms is still very hit or miss. Though stories like Mark Zuckerberg’s are now legendary, for every invention like Facebook, there’s a million other ideas there were simply dead on arrival.

Now a group of Houston developers has thrown their hats into the ring, creating and launching a new social networking application called Chaxter. In a city known for its booming nightlife and special events, it’s a concept that just may work, as the app connects users with local events, interest-based social groups and those who share similar interests. Originally developed in 2013 by co-founders Kelvin Williams and Charles Nealis, the company is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign to secure investments to support the rapidly expanding network.

Explained Williams, “Most social networking apps connect people with people or with businesses, so we identified a market opportunity that facilitates social networking online and in-person.”

He added, “Chaxter is a solution for event marketers, nonprofits and corporations looking to get in front of their target public and it’s also a solution for people looking to pursue interest-based activities related to sports, hobbies, charitable work, partying or just about anything.”

 Already available via Google Play and iTunes app stores, Chaxter utilizes a propriety algorithm via the users own GPS location in order to identify connections based on a user’s profile, which can also be updated and customized in order to ensure the connections and recommendations align with their current interests. Since this algorithm places emphasis on quality impressions versus quantity, users are only directed to a group, event, or business if their profile is indicative of a related interest.

Additional features includes a robust chat engine and posting capabilities that enable users to share experiences and even make plans with friends directly through the app. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, developers have continued to provide updates, with a new version slated to debut the first quarter of 2016. This new version will boast a new user interface, additional features and will deliver optimization exclusively for both Androids and iPhones.

As they continue to grow throughout the city they’re also reaching out to local organizations, teaming up with Workshop Houston, a creative after-school program recently honored by the White House, for a new fundraising project via Indiegogo.  Chaxter LLC. has pledged to donate 50% of funds collected directly to the program, which offers free resources to at-risk middle and high school students, all at no cost to the community. With the campaign set to run until October 17th, those interested in donating can use the $20 or $70 “Workshop Houston” perk option here.

About Chaxter LLC
Founded in 2013 by Kelvin Williams and Charles “Chuck” Nealis, Chaxter was conceived to fill a gap in social networking apps. Chaxter was developed to connect users with other users and events based on interests. The company’s mission is to become the world’s leader in interest-based social networking, and put the “social” back in social network. For more information, please visit Chaxter.com or call 713.530.7264.