Adult Swim is on a hell of a winning streak with this year’s additions to the singles series. Last week they delivered with WOKE & George Clinton and today they surprise us with Run The Jewels. “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)” comes from the documentary of the same name where both Killer Mike & El-P drop on-point lyricism atop of earth shattering, trunk rattling production. “They say sorry son, accept it,” El-P says about the bullshit of the world, minutes after Killer Mike runs down all of the weapons he’s seen growing up from AK-47s, to sawed off shotguns and even dynamite. “Surrounded by violence & murder, say we in the street and we grippin on heat/If you got beef then we fryin’ your burger,” Mike opens his verse up with, leading us down the road where guns and violence are about as common in America as Apple Pie. Hear “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite)” below.