There’s a reason why we haven’t seen much of Daniel Bryan in a WWE ring since April. Before the European tour that month, Bryan suffered another concussion and had to relinquish the Intercontinental Title (which thankfully is now in good hands thanks to Kevin Owens). His own personal doctor however cleared him for in-ring activity again. The WWE’s in-house doctor whose job is to correctly diagnose concussions however hasn’t cleared him. So, in a way, Daniel Bryan is literally living his Yes! gimmick to the point where he’s in the middle of one doctor giving him the green light and another doctor basically waving him off.

Speaking with IGN about his future, the former 3-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion gave a more definitive answer in regards to his WWE future, especially with having to wait on the green light from yet another doctor.

“One neurologist who specializes in concussions, cleared me with no limitations. All my testing came back excellent. But the WWE’s medical doctor is skeptical, because of my history of concussions and that sort of thing. So they will not clear me. So now, we have two doctors: one saying no, one saying yes. They’re going to send me to a third doctor at some point in the near future and that doctor will decide my fate.”

Here’s what we’ve learned about Daniel Bryan. He’s going to wrestle somewhere, even if its in the independent circuit regardless of what the outcome is going to be. In that same IGN interview, he flat out gives a straight up answer on where exactly he’d go if his WWE days are done.

“John Cena and I actually had this discussion. He said, ‘If something were to happen to you and the WWE, would you go back to doing the indies?’ Absolutely! I’ve gotten this sudden fascination with the lore of lucha.”

Digging further into the IGN interview, Bryan reveals how he’s really digging the idea of wrestling in CMLL and doing a high profile hair vs. mask match. But, the question remains. If that third neurologist tells Bryan that he can’t go in the ring anymore, what’s next? He says he could do announcing but it would be weird for him due to the fact that he can’t actually participate. Bottom line, we’re literally seeing an all or nothing move from a guy who has literally given up plenty of his healthy days just to entertain us. If doctor three says Bryan is good to go, then we’re back to inserting him in whatever title picture that may please him. Let’s just hope that’s the best because few people love their job more than Bryan does and it would be a shame to see him lose that.