The wait is finally over. As of midnight, Janet Jackson’s first studio album in over seven years, Unbreakable has landed on digital retailers, with physical copies expected to be available in stores later today. The album is the most anticipated of Jackson’s career, almost solely because it reunited the singer with the legendary Flyte Tyme production duo of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

In the weeks past, Janet has teased her self-anointed “JanFam” with signs of what’s to come – the J. Cole-assisted “No Sleeep” and the Missy Elliott-featured “BURNITUP!” were released to much praise. Now, with Unbreakable out, it’s just a matter of time until the critics start weighing in on whether Janet’s return to the music was worth it. For those who didn’t pre-order or aren’t copping that midnight release, you’re in luck – Jackson has put up a stream of the complete LP on Spotify for the free.

Nineteen tracks deep and with only Cole and Missy as features, Unbreakable allows Janet to take center stage for the bulk of the album. In true Janet fashion, the album is a mix of slow jams and dance grooves. Janet, in a pleasant surprise, channels her belated brother’s singing style on the upbeat “The Great Forever,” a bluesy number that will call to mind “Leave Me Alone.” Janet flirts with EDM on the funky “Night” and with rock on “Well Traveled,” yet both still stay true to her signature sound; and “2 B Loved” has Janet all but channeling her “Pleasure Principle” days. And while alleged leak “S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S.” is sadly absent from the LP, the inspirational “After You Fall” and “Black Eagle” might make up for that.

Is Janet back for real? Stream Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable album for yourself down below. Unbreakable is out on iTunes now.