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When there’s news of your $200 million sneaker deal public, there’s good reason said sneaker company is going to back a truck up to your house to make sure you wear their gear. That’s exactly what happened to James Harden this morning as the Houston Rockets star guard not only got a welcome addition to his closet, he literally damn near got Adidas entire line of sneakers, both originals and PEs.

Why is James Harden getting a U-Haul truck worth of Adidas gear at his house today rather important? Because today is the day his rather lucrative business agreement with Adidas kicks in, meaning for the next 13 or so years, Harden has to wear Adidas kicks in public and on the court. He has to wear them in public in particular because he’s also part of their lifestyle line (which probably means even more perks since he’s dating the sister-in-law of Kanye West).

Harden’s had to deal with TMZ catching him rocking plenty of his beloved Air Jordans over the past few months, creating stories that he should be wearing nothing but Adidas from head to toe if he’s going to be part of their company. With the tagline “The Wait Is Over” attached to the back of the truck, we can now at least put to bed any story about James Harden rocking any other brand. Now we can pay attention to the fact that Adidas is shelling out nearly half a billion dollars in contracts to Harden, Derrick Rose & Damian Lillard to rock with the brand.