Future x Drake x Adam - Jumpman Game

Nearly two weeks have passed since Drake & Future released their much-anticipated collab album What A Time To Be Alive, which means there’s been plenty of time to decide which of the album’s eleven tracks are favorites. Some of them have already been introduced into the rotation on radio and in the clubs – most notably, the shake joint-inspired “Diamonds Dancing” and the Metro Boomin’ monster that is “Jumpman.”

Thanks to the good folks at VTYO.com, however, there’s a refreshing new way to enjoy the latter track like never before.

Adam of VTYO! has turned “Jumpman” into a video game. No, seriously. The programmer legitimately took the record that has people jumping on dance floors, sidewalks, in parking lots and the like; and used it to create a platform-style mini-game. In the “Jumpman” video game, you select a player – Drake, Future, or Metro – and then guide said player’s head as it bounces from platform to platform, collecting pills along the way so as not to blow your high.

Whether you’re at work or simply need something to keep you occupied on your lunch break, you can play Adam’s “Jumpman”-inspired video game here.