The Niceguys, for reasons unbeknownst to a lot of people have been on a bit of a hiatus for quite sometime. Their last record together as a group came nearly three years ago with James Kelley, a fully formed and realized album where Yves, Free & Cristolph got plenty of things off their chest. There’s an award the group has for Best Local Recording for that particular album, right next to the many times they’ve won Best Rap Group. Yet, the spirit of being a creative has told each man (including DJ Candlestick) to embark on individual goals before coming back into the fold. Free has adopted the name Grandior and released a beat mix in 2013. He’s taken residency at Houston based spot Giuiletta Sociale, plays regularly at another popular Houston haunt, The Commoner, blessed the masses with guest production on Yves’ Sincerely Yves EP last year and has kept close eye on the sounds inside of his head.

“Thanking You”, a brand new record he’s been sitting on for a second is a colorful, vibrant switch up from the boom bap and edge he throws to Yves every now and then. Channeling little bits of low-fi fusion and cheery pop, Grandior offers xylophone taps and a smooth bassline for vocalist Susannah Winspear to sway back and forth about love. “Wanna head long into your safety … cancel your plans and give me a kiss. You make me feel like I can finally believe in serendipity,” Winspear sings on the track, echoing the belief that not only does love win out but that initial hue of feeling it come over you is unmatched. The kicker about Winspear and Grandior’s temporary marriage? It’s all about the anticipation of finding yourself in love. Stream the Day & A Dream premiere track from Grandior below.