Hive Society x HoustonCares

Just when it seemed Houston creative and philanthropic collective The Hive Society had already made its mark for the year with its first full-scale event in the “AXIOM” Art Fundraiser and Showcase, the Bees are back.

Service has long been a hallmark of The Hive Society. Just last year, “The Hive” came up with the ingenious idea to provide an incentive for those participating in their community service events. In so doing, they’ve managed to draw out hundreds of volunteers, many of whom came for the opportunity to attend concerts, but stayed for the rewarding experience and result of making the overall Houston community a better place for all.

Next month, the Hive Society will partner with the Houston Food Bank to attempt to make history. How, you ask? By assembling a whopping 150,000 meals to be given to Houston’s in-need population. The Hive has partnered with Houston Food Bank before, but never on so grand a scale.

“Setting a goal to make up to 150,000 meals is not for the faint of heart,” remarked Raquel Seymone, The Hive Society’s Community Event Director, “but [The Hive’s] passion outweighs our doubts. [Nothing like this] has ever been done before; which makes Houston Cares EXACTLY what the city needs.”

#HoustonCares will take place on Saturday, October 17th, from 1-4 PM. Registration for the community service event is completely free, and anyone age 6 and up can volunteer to help. The Hive Society will also have giveaways at #HoustonCares, but the biggest takeaway is being able to say you’ve helped contribute to one of the largest service events the city of Houston has ever seen.

You can find out more about The Hive Society & The Houston Food Bank’s #HoustonCares event here and register online now.