If there’s one thing we’ve learned from music videos in 2015, it’s that hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.

We saw this earlier this year with Rihanna’s semi-revenge porn visuals for “BBHMM,” and now Lorde can be added to the list by way of the new music video for “Magnets,” the singer’s collab with rock group Disclosure on the latter’s recent Caracal LP. While much of Caracal is high-energy dance club fare, “Magnets” stands out as a refreshing change of pace, a pop-friendly, bouncy number where Lorde plays the other woman. Her voice seduces in some places and teases in others, describing their affair as a “secret language that we’re speaking.”

The music video for “Magnets,” however, flips the playful nature of the track into something much darker. The imagery matters – Lorde starts out the video “innocently” adorned in white before she attracts her lover, but ends up in a black trenchcoat towards the end when she’s getting her revenge. And Lorde herself described her character as a “hitgirl” on Twitter, though “hurt girl” may be a bit more apt. As she willingly plays the game with her committed lover, and scenes are juxtaposed with him sneaking off with Lorde and looking seemingly unhappy with his wife, it all culminates in the end with Lorde having the last laugh, as the wife simply stands by watching.

“Magnets” appears on Disclosure’s Caracal album, out now on iTunes.