Today’s a new day. No, Jon Stewart isn’t giving away his favorite Dipset mixes on Apple Music. No, Trevor Noah has officially taken Stewart’s old chair as the head man of The Daily Show. Even though the main bit of Noah will be his interview with Kevin Hart that closed his first night on the job, the real treat was watching him humbly accept his new position with the same sort of endearing wit that made his Netflix specials pretty damn good watches.

Noah called his opening moment a dream come true (“the second being a running toilet”) and tried his best to calm everybody, including correspondents about whether or not he’d be able to sit in Stewart’s chair and do the job with justice. Is he still going to be going after bullshit? Of course he is. Noah’s opener was classy, one more touching tribute to the retired Stewart who has probably had the greatest couple of months post retirement I’ve ever seen. Who else do you know recently made their former enemy turned good friend the second ever dual champion in WWE history?