Big Grams - Big Grams_cover

2015 may not have rolled over the reunion of Big Boi and Andre 3000, but it did reunite Antwan Patton with someone else: Phantogram, with whom the rapper had collaborated multiple times over the last few years. Big Boi and Phantogram made beautiful music together, whether it was on Big’s Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors LP in 2013 or as a part of the “Dungeoneze Remix” series last year. The two have come together to form the group “Big Grams,” which combines the best of both their respective worlds – rap and soul-pop-rock. Today, Big Grams releases their debut self-titled EP; and for those still not sold on Big Grams, the group has allowed for a free stream of the full project on Spotify.

The features are kept to a minimum on the seven-track offering, with only Skrillex and Run The Jewels making guest appearances. Which is not to say that the Big Grams collective needs much extra help. Indeed, propelled forward by lead singles “Fell in the Sun” and “Lights On,” the EP’s just shy of a half-hour of run time is packed with memorable moments and even more memorable listens. “Goldmine Junkie” – which is clearly Willie Hutch-inspired – floats along smoothly, with vocalist Sarah Barthel’s “I want you” giving the track a hypnotic feel. And the marriage of tribal, funk, and EDM on intro track “Run For Your Life” will warrant more than a few replays before listeners even get to the rest of the EP.

Stream Big Boi and Phantogram’s debut collaborative EP Big Grams in full for yourself down below. Big Grams is available on iTunes now.